Frequently Answered Questions

Are your prices higher than other schools?

In many cases you will find that our teachers are more highly qualified than at other studios and when choosing an educational activity for your child, the quality of instruction is most important. Also, our facility is of higher quality than most other studios: all of our dance studios are equipped with either a floating or a professional vinyl floor to prevent injury and reduce fatigue. Our studios are also equipped with a viewing monitor which allows parents to view classes without distracting students. Finally, you will find that our class schedule is incredibly diverse-offering between 50 and 80 classes per week-giving you numerous options for class style, day, and time to perfectly fit your family’s schedule and allowing your student to take more classes!

Can we put something up on your bulletin board?

The bulletin board is for studio use only. Any community postings must be approved first-please leave samples at the Front Desk. 

Can we rent studio space?

Our studios are equipped with floor to ceiling mirrors, sprung floating floors, and excellent surround speaker systems making them the ideal place to hold a rehearsal for theatre or dance. Please check with the front desk for availability and pricing. 

What is the registration fee?

The registration fee covers administration expenses and is paid by all students.

Do I have to pay with auto-pay?

We have a large enrollment and it would be inefficient to have students lined up every month to pay for their lessons. The automatic payment system allows us to keep administrative costs, and thus tuition, low. You can always check your upcoming transactions and update any payment information (along with registering for any classes/events) through our Online Customer Portal!

How do you differ from other dance schools?

As for other dance schools, we can’t comment on their teachers or procedures, but we have several differences from most dance schools. Our floor is one of our major differences – our professional floating or Marley dance floor offers additional cushioning and support to prevent injuries and fatigue. We also have a dedicated front desk staff, which means the person teaching class is never distracted with administrative details and there is always someone available to help you with your customer service needs. We also keep our class sizes manageable, so that each student receives plenty of individualized attention. And, of course, ALL of our faculty are professionally/university trained in their craft providing the most professional and educational experience for our students!

Can I watch class?

We do not allow parents to sit inside the studio in order not to disrupt the class. We have found that if there are too many authority figures in the class, students can lose class time looking for Mom and Dad’s approval. We do have viewing monitors available for each studio so that you can watch your child without distraction in one of our comfortable waiting rooms.

My child is interested in competitive or professional dance lessons. What do you offer?

Our competition team holds auditions for the coming season in May. In order to be a part of the team, dancers ages 5 and up must make plans to dance over the summer at our intensives as well as train in all styles of dance during the season. Company members will have the opportunity to travel to numerous conventions/competitions throughout the season along with extra class and performance opportunities here at the studio. For more info, please ask the Front Desk! 

My child has been dancing at another studio; can she/he go into a higher level?

Because we can’t regulate what is taught at other studios, your child should register for the first program we offer for their age. Our program is specialized and will work on a variety of skills that are not always covered in other programs. Our teachers always evaluate the students in the first weeks of class and will make any adjustments to placement. For older students, a private lesson with our faculty is an excellent option to assess skill level and recommend class placement. 

When will the class begin working on the recital routine?

During the first part of the season, instructors will teach the students a variety of steps in a variety of combinations. As time goes by they will see how the group is picking up the steps as a whole. This will help determine choreography. We do not want the dancers to be working on one dance all year long; besides being boring for both teachers and students, it is limiting.

Can my child start half-way through the year?

Enrollment is open, given there is space, through January 1st. Because our session runs from September to May, students beginning after January would be too far behind. We do offer several Summer Classes & Camps which are a great time to get started or try a new style! 

Can I make my child’s costume instead of buying it?

We do not have the pattern for our costumes. Dance costumes are very intricate and are not easily sewn. In order to ensure that all of the costumes are done on time and look the same, we use the same company to make all of them. Costumes must be ordered well in advance of performance to allow for production-see Production Info for more information on costumes. 

Do you accept donations of used shoes/costumes?

While we would love to be able to accept all used shoes/costumes-we do not have the space to keep used items and also stock new inventory. Please consider donating used items to local secondhand shops or international charities looking for dancewear!

Are you hiring?

We are always accepting applications. Please email a resume and cover letter to [email protected]

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